The solution

Spotify Connect
Spotify Connect

First, the problem
I’m a Spotify addict, and for two years or so, it’s the only audio-source I’m using. I used to stream the Spotify audio signal via Bluetooth to a Bluetooth-receiver (Nokia), which I connected to my hifi-set. But bluetooth isn’t the best thing to stream audio. When somebody walks through the signal, it stutters, which is very annoying!

So what then?
Since a while now, Spotify features Spotify Connect. It’s a great feature to stream your Spotify signal to a Spotify Connect device, such as some hifi-receivers who support Spotify Connect. But, those devices aren’t very cheap, and when your hifi-receiver is still good, it is not very attractive to buy a new device just for Spotify Connect.

But wait… It turns out that with Spotify Connect, you can send your Spotify signal to any Android device with Spotify on it. Any device! It can be another Android smartphone or tablet for example. So when you have an old smartphone or tablet, you can use that as a “dedicated Spotify server”! You just lay it next to your hifi-set, connect it via mini-jack and there you go! The advantage over bluetooth is that with Spotify Connect, you won’t stream the signal from your phone or tablet to the other Android device. No, it just sends a signal to the other device to stream the audio from that device (over wifi), so directly from the second device. That’s great, because now you don’t have stuttering sound anymore!


7 thoughts on “The solution

  1. So what if I want to do it the other way around? I have Spotify running on my desktop computer, connected to my hifi setup, and want to control Spotify from my Android device?

    1. Hi Martin,

      First, this wasn’t possible because the Spotify Desktop app didn’t support Spotify Connect. But now there is a beta version of the Spotify Desktop app which does support Spotify Connect! So install the beta version on your desktop computer, and start Spotify Beta there. Now on your Android device, you go to the Spotify Connect button, and you will see your desktop computer is in the list! When you select it, the music you start on the Android device will play on the desktop computer, and in your case, on your hifi system.

      So you can play music from and to the desktop from and to Android.


    1. Hi Camillo, you need to use the app Autostart and Stay! for that. With this app you can let Spotify autostart, keep it running and keep it on the front. There’s also an option to make sure it never gets locked. Search for the app in the Play Store. Please let me know if it works for you.

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