A fix for the mini-pc sometimes not being available: Autostart and StaY!

In my previous post I wrote about some issues I experienced with the “dedicated Spotify server“. One of the issues was that the mini-pc (MK808II) sometimes is not available, mostly after I didn’t use it for while. After a reboot the problem is fixed. I was thinking about a solution to reboot the mini-pc on a regular basis by another app. But, all the apps that can do this, require root-access.

Now I found another solution, which is even better and doesn’t require root-access. It is an app called Autostart and StaY!, by Athanasios Tasoglou. What it does is that you can select any app to autostart at boot. But there’s more. You can also select the setting to make sure the app stays active (by example if the app gets killed when there is too little memory). The last important setting is to make the app persistent, which means that it is always on the foreground. Together are these settings exactly what we need! I think this will solve the problem of the mini-pc sometimes not being available. I will post my experiences after I tested this for a while.

Tip: make sure you also go to “settings” in this app, and check the “autostart service at boot” setting.


4 thoughts on “A fix for the mini-pc sometimes not being available: Autostart and StaY!

  1. Hi, thanks for your solution, which I’mn currently trying out. I have one question – I like Spotify to display the current album art, but Autostart and Stay! always changes my Spotify display back to the mode where the current song is displayed in a small bar at the bottom of the screen, with no album art. Do you know of a solution to have Spotify always display the album art?

    1. Hi colin,

      A bit late (2 years), sorry for that. I don’t know a solution for the display of album art. Did you found any solution in the meantime?

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