Update: 100% availability with Autostart and StaY!

I’m using the app Autostart and StaY! now for about a week, and wanted to share my experiences with it. I’m happy to say that I experience 100% availability now with the Spotify Connect server. This means that whenever I want to play a song via Spotify Connect, the MK808II (android mini-pc) is available and reacts immediately. I didn’t have to restart the mini-pc anytime this week.

First, when I was using a normal autostart app to let Spotify start at boot, I had to restart the mini-pc once a day or more, because it was not available anymore at Spotify Connect. The Autostart and StaY! app though keeps Spotify running and active (on the foreground) so it’s always available for Spotify Connect.

Now even my wife thinks this is a great system, because it always works, now that’s the ultimate test!


12 thoughts on “Update: 100% availability with Autostart and StaY!

  1. Is the uptime still 100%? Btw., is there enough performance and stability to run AirPlay audio server in addition to Spotify? If yes, does it automatically switch to correct playback, for example if it is already playong back Spotify and the you start AirPlaying or vice versa?

    1. Hi Ekonttan,

      After about 10 days I’ve had one problem. The MK808II lost wifi-connection, so Spotify Connect didn’t work anymore. If it happens again I’m thinking about installing Wifi Fixer, to prevent losing the wifi-connection. Besides that problem, I’ve had no problems at all. The problem that Spotify goes to the next song when you get a tablet or smartphone with Spotify out of sleep mode seems to be fixed by Spotify also.

      About AirPlay; I don’t have any Apple products, so I can’t test it, but when I search Google it seems to work, but I didn’t search the forums etc. though. Maybe other people have experience with AirPlay and the MK808II? If you want a mini-pc with more performance, there are also Android mini-pc’s with a quad-core processor instead of a duel-core processor.

    1. Hi Bastian, good to hear the blog is helpful for you! The setup I have at home is working very nice for some time now, I think it’s a great system, even more now Spotify Connect also works on the desktop-app. I hope you will have the same experience!

  2. Michel, thanks for your great solution!
    I have an Onkyo receiver that does not support Spotify Connect. But using an CX-919 Android mini PC, directly connected via HDMI to the receiver, lets me enjoy a full Spotify Connect system now! I prefer the (digital) HDMI input to the analog connection the Gramafon-solution would have offered.
    I enjoy walching Autostart and StaY! launching spotify after the Android stick has booted, but of course there is no need to have the TV on.
    Have already tested for 2 weeks now, no issues at all!

    1. Hi Klaus,

      Great to hear you have a good experience with this system! And the HDMI saves you money because you don’t have to buy a USB DAC 🙂 If you have any trouble with the system, share it on the blog so maybe we can find a solution. Thanks for your post!

  3. Hi Michael, how is your setup performing? Still satisfied? I am trying to achieve the same experience with Minix Neo (very similar to your device) in headless mode.
    I assume, You are using persist option to keep spotify in foreground, right? What polling interval have You set?
    I experience short playback interruptions whenever persist check is fired. That is very annoying. Did you have any problem of that kind?
    I use kodi to play music from my NAS on the same device. There is no problem with kodi to run in background, but it often tooks focus from spotify.

  4. Now I’m using google chromecast, I also used the Gramofon device, which both works great. It’s a little more relax because you don’t have to bother about updates etc.

    1. So you switched from the other solution to chromecast? Which one ? audio ? if not did you buy any adapter for 3.5mm? Can you make one post? I was interested for this project and I wanted to make something similar when I found your posts. Thanks in advance

      1. Hi Andreas,

        I’m a bit late, but thanks for your question. I did buy a Chromecast audio, it has a 3.5mm jack output, which i connect to my stereo set. So i don’t use the android mini-pc anymore, but also don’t use the DAC, the chromecast has a build in DAC. Don’t know if it’s possible to somehow use the DAC with a chromecast. But i’m not really happy with the chromecast, because it’s not very responsive, volume often doesn’t work etc. Did you build something for spotify connect in the meantime?

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