Latest Spotify Android app changelog

A bit funny, but in the latest Spotify Android app the changelog talks about the possibility to use 2 devices to use Spotify Connect with your speakers. Somehow they call it a new feature, but it worked like this for some time now. Here’s the changelog:

New: Want to use Spotify Connect on any speakers? Plug a phone or tablet into both a charger and your speakers. Log in to the same Spotify account on another device, and use it as a remote.


2 thoughts on “Latest Spotify Android app changelog

  1. Again, thanks a lot for your information on the subject! I’ve now completed similar setup, but there are few questions about achieving best possible sound quality. Naturally the highest bitrate is required, but what about 1) volume normalization or 2) the mixer in operating system?

    1) I haven’t tested throughly yet, so I’m not sure if Spotify’s Volume normalization is something that cannot be bypassed with Android or not, or if it is enabled or not by default.
    2) Can I bypass somehow system sounds, so that audio output is as close to bitperfect as possible? I.e. if it is possible for OS to mix system sounds or other sound effects to Spotify output, the damage is already done. If one is using digital audio out, what volume setting is recommended? Best of couse would be, if colume was not adjustable, and one would get normal line out -signal when using analog, and especially with digital output there would be no truncation or “stretching” in audio volume. In short, same thing as with OS level mixer or bypassing it altogether.

    1. Hi ekonttan,

      Great to hear you have a similar setup, I hope you will enjoy it! Also, I like the idea to search for the best audio quality. Let’s get the most out of this system!

      About the 2 points you wrote about:
      Volume normalization: I can find some things about this on Google, but I can’t find an option on this in my Android Spotify app. In the desktop app it’s an option I think, but I will check this. I think it can have an effect on the sound quality, but don’t know for sure.

      System mixer: in the Android app, there an option to go directly to the system mixer, where you can turn off audio-effects. A question for me is which audio-effects are send to the hifi-set; the one of the device directly connected to the hifi-set, or the one of the device from which you control Spotify… The same question goes about bitrate; when I set the bitrate to highest on the device from which I control Spotify, will the output to the hifi-set also be the highest, or do I have to change this also on the device (the mini-pc in my case) connected to the hifi-set? Maybe we can test this somehow… (we could test it by checking the MB’s downloaded I think)

      On my mini-pc I turned off any system sounds by the way, so I never hear any system sounds, so I guess this is a good solution? Or do you want to send all the other sounds to another soundcard for example?

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