Tip: new cool device called Gramafon

GramafonHere’s a tip I got from Zero (thanks!). There’s a new device called Gramafon, and it does exactly what my solution does, but it works out of the box, for 59 euro’s. It’s a small device which you can connect to your internet, and to your AV receiver or wireless speakers. After that you can connect to the device from any other device with Spotify Connect. It has a build-in DAC, I don’t know if it’s a good one, but I think it probably is.

So this is a very nice solution if you want something which works out of the box, no setup or installing of applications. If you want something more do-it-yourself or you want a device which you use for more things than Spotify only, than a Android Mini PC, optional with external USB DAC, is your best solution.


9 thoughts on “Tip: new cool device called Gramafon

  1. from what I can see it requires you join FON and share your Wifi, this CANNOT be turned off – deal breaker from my point of view.

    1. Hi Andrew, I heard of the FON registration too. Maybe they will add an option to turn it off, but as I understand Grama-fon is developed by FON, so little change to that I think…

  2. this product is not going to work out. spotify connect gives you virtually same functionality for spotify. If the chrome cast audio product rolls out an inexpensive stereo connector device there will be no need for this product ever. Only way it lasts is if google who is an investor in gramofon uses it as its chrome audio connect product.

    1. Hi Northfork,

      I don’t know about the future of this product, but at the moment I think there are people who will find it a useful device. About chromecast, do you know if it has Spotify support already? I found an article about a workaround to make it work, but didn’t found about native support.

      There’s also a device called Beep which has Spotify support. It cost around 99 euro’s I think, so it’s not very cheap.https://www.thisisbeep.com/

  3. Hi there,

    I am using Gramafon for some time now. There is no Fon registration or any authentication for Gramafon. Just plug it into your network (configure with simple android app) then use your device with Spotify premium account to control Gramafon.
    Super easy. It just works and sound if very good (as far as I can tell).


    1. Hi Peter, thanks for your review of Gramafon. Nice to know that Fon-registration is not required!

      Greetings, Michel

  4. If you are not already aware, there is also another product that does this, the Rocki, which is cheaper. http://www.myrocki.com/. The multiroom feature that they are already advertising is “Coming later”, which we all know often means “Never” šŸ™‚

    But nevertheless, I have ordered one and will try it out when it arrives.

    1. Hi Attila, I did notice this device, look promissing too! I think I’ll have to create a page with all the alternative devices šŸ˜‰

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