Monthly Archives: October 2015

About Gramafon…


Since 2 weeks i’m the lucky owner of a Gramafon. It does exactly the same as the solution I presented on this blog, with one advantage: you can control the volume from spotify! That was the only thing I really missed in my solution. I’ve got a lot of kudos on my post on the Spotify forum to add volume control from android to android, but for now Spotify still doesn’t support this kind of volume control. With Gramafon, volume control works perfectly, so I really love that feature.  The sound-quality is the same as far as I can tell. It’s easy to setup, and you can also listen to internet-radio with AllPlay app. With AllPlay support, you also get multi-room support, so you can place multiple Gramafon’s in different rooms.

So from now on I will use the Gramafon to play Spotify on my stereo-set. I will still answer questions on my solution though 🙂