A simple amplifier

What if you don’t have an amplifier / hifi-set, and you only use Spotify as music source? Well, there is a chip-set called the TA2020 also called Tripath amp, which has great sound (audiophile sound according to a lot of people). There are some do-it-yourself’ers who use this chip-set to make very small amplifiers which sound very good, but are also very cheap. They mostly have only one audio-in and connections for one stereo speaker-set. So no dolby surround and stuff like that, just simple connections and great sound!

I bought the TA2020 from Indeed, but there are a lot of variants you can buy. Now I have a very small Dedicated Spotify Server with audiophile sound-output, connected to a very small and simple but audiophile sounding amplifier.

Indeed TA2020
Indeed TA2020 front
Indeed TA2020 back
Indeed TA2020 back

2 thoughts on “A simple amplifier

  1. Hi Ryan, I didn’t know the Dayton, but it looks great! Maybe I will buy a stronger amp in the future, because the TA2020 sounds great but isn’t super-powerful. So thanks for the tip man!

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