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About Gramafon…


Since 2 weeks i’m the lucky owner of a Gramafon. It does exactly the same as the solution I presented on this blog, with one advantage: you can control the volume from spotify! That was the only thing I really missed in my solution. I’ve got a lot of kudos on my post on the Spotify forum to add volume control from android to android, but for now Spotify still doesn’t support this kind of volume control. With Gramafon, volume control works perfectly, so I really love that feature. ย The sound-quality is the same as far as I can tell. It’s easy to setup, and you can also listen to internet-radio with AllPlay app. With AllPlay support, you also get multi-room support, so you can place multiple Gramafon’s in different rooms.

So from now on I will use the Gramafon to play Spotify on my stereo-set. I will still answer questions on my solution though ๐Ÿ™‚


The fastest USB to Ethernet adapter

I ordered a USB to Ethernet (rj45) adapter, in order to make the internet / network speed at my MK808II Android Mini PC faster and more stable. But, the one I received was even slower than the wifi-connection! A little (too late) research found out that a lot of these USB to Ethernet adapters are super-slow. But, I found a review of 3 adapters, and one of them is super-fast!

So, if you want such an adapter, check this review. I haven’t ordered this one yet, but if I do, I will post a review.

Control desktop app from your phone or tablet

Control Desktop app from phone or tablet
Control Desktop app from phone or tablet

In the newest version of the Spotify Desktop app you can control your desktop app from your phone or tablet (Android or IOS) using Spotify Connect. You can even change the volume, so that’s pretty cool! When you use the Beta version of the Desktop app you can also control any Android device from the desktop app, so it’s now both directions. A downside is that volume control doesn’t work when controlling an Android device from the Beta Desktop app. Let’s hope that feature will be added soon ๐Ÿ™‚

It seems to be that Spotify is on it’s way to make Spotify Connect available from and to any device, including volume control, which is great I think!

Volume control with Spotify Connect?

Until today I didn’t know this, but it seems to be possible to control the volume on Spotify Connect from one device to the other, say this thread on the Spotify Forum. It works only on Android, not on iPhone. But, there are a lot of devices where this still doesn’t work, like on all the devices I have. I found out it works only from my Moto G phone to my laptop (with Spotify Beta with Spotify Connect support. Strange… Has anybody else a good experience with volume control on Spotify Connect? Or does anybody know why it’s working on one device, and doesn’t on the other?

Update (13-11-2014):
I’ve got a reply from the Spotify Support team; volume control with Spotify Connect from mobile to mobile doesn’t work at the moment. They don’t know if this feature will be implemented.

I started an “idea” in the Spotify forum to ask for volume control from Android to Android using Spotify Connect. If you want to support the idea, give it some kudos!

Tip: new cool device called Gramafon

GramafonHere’s a tip I got from Zero (thanks!). There’s a new device called Gramafon, and it does exactly what my solution does, but it works out of the box, for 59 euro’s. It’s a small device which you can connect to your internet, and to your AV receiver or wireless speakers. After that you can connect to the device from any other device with Spotify Connect. It has a build-in DAC, I don’t know if it’s a good one, but I think it probably is.

So this is a very nice solution if you want something which works out of the box, no setup or installing of applications. If you want something more do-it-yourself or you want a device which you use for more things than Spotify only, than a Android Mini PC, optional with external USB DAC, is your best solution.

Another app to keep things running

I’ve tried several apps now to keep the Android Spotify Connect server running smooth. I’ve already written about Autostart and Stay!, a must for this system. Now I found another app which seems to extend the “uptime” alot. It’s called All-in-One Toolbox. It has a lot of functionality in it, but a great thing about it, is that it can do some tasks automatically via plugins. I have set it to clear the cache and remove junk files automatically at a specific time interval. I also have set a feature which disables the wifi at a time interval (at night).

Since I use this app, the MK808II seems to running smoother, and has a much longer uptime. Spotify Connect is now almost always available. So maybe it’s useful for you too.

Latest Spotify Android app changelog

A bit funny, but in the latest Spotify Android app the changelog talks about the possibility to use 2 devices to use Spotify Connect with your speakers. Somehow they call it a new feature, but it worked like this for some time now. Here’s the changelog:

New: Want to use Spotify Connect on any speakers? Plug a phone or tablet into both a charger and your speakers. Log in to the same Spotify account on another device, and use it as a remote.