There are some issue’s I noticed with the “dedicated Spotify server” / Spotify Connect:

– After about 10 days of uptime, the Android mini-pc lost wifi-connection, so Spotify didn’t work anymore. After a restart everything was OK again. I’ve installed the app “Wifi Fixer“, which monitors the wifi connection and restores it whenever the connection stopped. I will let you know if this really works. 

I’ve uninstalled the Wifi Fixer app, because it caused losing the wifi connection…

– after a week (more or less) of “uptime”, sometimes Spotify can’t find the MK808, or it can find it, but says it isn’t available for playing. If I look at the screen of the MK808, Spotify is on the foreground and sometimes it’s reacting to changing of the songs too, but it doesn’t play music. I want to investigate this problem further, but haven’t find a way of doing this. Maybe via the Android debug log file. If someone has idea’s for this, let me know please.

– when Spotify is playing, and my tablet is in sleep-mode, when I power on the tablet and unlock the screen, Spotify Connect sometimes changes to another song. I think it’s a Spotify Connect issue. It looks like the tablet is not updated with what song is playing, and then give a wrong signal to the Android mini pc. It often plays the last song I saw on the tablet when the screen wasn’t locked yet.

For a while I didn’t notice this problem anymore, but now it’s back!? I think it’s a problem of Spotify Connect itself, so I hope there will be a fix soon.

Fixed issues

– sometimes Spotify Connect can’t find the Android Mini PC (MK808II). Don’t know what the problem is. It often happens when I didn’t play music for a while. When I look at the mini pc via the screen, it just shows Spotify, and it reacts too when I control it directly. When I restart the Android Mini PC, the problem is solved. I thought about a solution to let the mini pc restart every day, but Android has to be rooted to do that.

This problem is fixed by using the app Autostart and StaY!

– The strangest thing I notice sometimes, is that a song sometimes just restarts playing halfway the song, or suddenly another song starts. Really strange thing, I think it’s a Spotify Connect problem, but don’t know for sure. 

This problem is fixed by Spotify, I didn’t notice the problem for a while now.


9 thoughts on “Issues

  1. Hi, Do you have any idea how to switch off remotely the dedicated Spotify server ? It starts automatically with Autostart and StaY!, but it would be great
    to have a way to power down android on raspberry or cubieboard.
    Have a nice weekend, Chris.

    1. Hi Chris,

      I think it’s possible, there are some remote Android apps at the Play Store, like Teamviewer. But I don’t know if you want it to automatically shut down at some specific time, of if you want to manually shut it down from your pc or phone?


  2. Hi Michael,

    First of all, many thanks for your response
    time and contribution. It is very useful blog.

    I would like to close the android server manually
    from my phone. When I turn off only the power supply
    without closing android, my file system could be
    corrupted. That is the idea.



    1. Hi Chris, I tried this with the Teamviewer app, it is a nice app, but you have to connect with it manually on both devices every time you want to do something, it would be better if it connects automatically. I haven’t checked other options or apps. Maybe someone else knows how to do this, it would be great if this is possible.

  3. Unfortunately, the “spotify connect” is available for premium users now.
    So, I cannot use it 😦 Bad luck. For remote desktop control I used:
    Vnc-Viewer-Lite client and the droid VNC server.

    1. Hi Chris, that’s too bad indeed, I didn’t know that. Premium is worth the money though 🙂 Good tip about VCN Viewer. Does it work like you expected?

  4. I’ve been having some issues with my setup recently. I can control Spotify directly in MK808’s own interface – Spotify is clearly running and on top, I can play songs etc, but Spotify Connect capability is lost. Something makes it disappear after a while from Spotify Connect list from my phone and other Spotify Connect enabled devices I have. Any idea why this could happen?

    1. Hi quenthal, I’m having this issue also sometimes, I can’t figure out why this happens. Sometimes it’s the internetconnection, have you checked your connection when your having problems?

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