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Update: 100% availability with Autostart and StaY!

I’m using the app Autostart and StaY! now for about a week, and wanted to share¬†my experiences with it. I’m happy to say that I experience 100% availability now with the Spotify Connect server. This means that whenever I want to play a song via Spotify Connect, the MK808II (android mini-pc) is available and reacts immediately. I didn’t have to restart the mini-pc anytime this week.

First, when I was using a normal autostart app to let Spotify start at boot, I had to restart the mini-pc once a day or more, because it was not available anymore at Spotify Connect. The Autostart and StaY! app though keeps Spotify running and active (on the foreground) so it’s always available for Spotify Connect.

Now even my wife thinks this is a great system, because it always works, now that’s the ultimate test!