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Updated the issues page

I updated the issues page a little, you can check it out here.

If you have the same setup, and you experience issues with it, please let me know, maybe we can find a solution for it.


User experiences with this system

MK808II + USB DAC = Dedicated Spotify Server
MK808II + USB DAC = Dedicated Spotify Server

I’m using the dedicated Spotify server for some weeks now, time for some evaluation.

Overall this system works great; I’m using an Android tablet (a rooted Kindle Fire HD with Android 4.4) with Spotify on it, from which I start the songs etc. Spotify Connect is overall pretty fast; when I start a song on the tablet, it immediately starts at the Android Mini PC, so I can hear the music directly from my stereo set.

There are some issue’s I noticed:

– when Spotify is playing, and my tablet is in sleep-mode, when I power on the tablet and unlock the screen, Spotify Connect sometimes changes to another song. I think it’s a Spotify Connect issue. It looks like the tablet is not updated with what song is playing, and then give a wrong signal to the Android mini pc. It often plays the last song I saw on the tablet when the screen wasn’t locked yet.

– sometimes Spotify Connect can’t find the Android Mini PC (MK808II). Don’t know what the problem is. It often happens when I didn’t play music for a while. When I look at the mini pc via the screen, it just shows Spotify, and it reacts too when I control it directly. When I restart the Android Mini PC, the problem is solved. I thought about a solution to let the mini pc restart every day, but Android has to be rooted to do that.

– The strangest thing I notice sometimes, is that a song sometimes just restarts playing halfway the song, or suddenly another song starts. Really strange thing, I think it’s a Spotify Connect problem, but don’t know for sure.

– last thing is not an issue, but a tip. Check your music-quality settings in the “slave device” (with me this is the MK808II). Default is the “normal quality”, but you probably want “extreme quality” for streaming. Also, let your Play Store update your apps automatically on the “slave device”, so that Spotify is updated automatically.

These are the issue’s I noticed while using this system for some weeks. The system has great benefits (wifi streaming from the “slave device”, very high quality audio by using a USB DAC at low costs, the comfort of controlling Spotify from your tablet or phone while using the original Spotify App, while hearing the audio from your stereo set. I hope Spotify will fix these Spotify Connect issue’s, so this system will be the greatest audio system ever made 😉